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  • Copper Tungsten Rods
  • Copper Tungsten Rods

    Tungsten Copper Alloy

    • Application:

      Making electrodes for electric boosting glass kiln, making tungsten contacts, used as high temperature structure components and electrical light sources parts.

    • Material:


    • Main features:

      Good Heat and Electricity conductivity
      Precisely Machining

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    Detailed Description

    WCu alloy material owns the excellence of tungsten and copper, high-temperature-resistant, electro-arc resistant, with high intensity and high proportion. It is also good at transmitting electric and heat, and easy to be processed, so it is widely used for machinery, electric power, electric metallurgy, aviation, space flight and national defense industry.

    Type: CuW90 CuW85 CuW80 CuW75 CuW70

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